Sunday, December 10, 2006

This individual is supposed to deliver an alternative Christmas message on British radio. I guess it is an individual. All I can see is a pair of eyes and it may be some sort of animal for all I know. I am sure the message will be that Islam is the true religion. Even though she may not say it directly she is thinking, “death to the infidel pigs who believe in Jesus and even a greater death to the Jewish swine.”
More and more groups are trying to take the Christ out of Christmas. Recently a nativity scene was dismantled in Chicago and Christmas trees have been removed in several places throughout the country because of protest by a very vocal minority who don’t believe in Christmas or more specifically don’t believe in Christ because it is an infringement on their rights as an agnostic. One militant black man was recently on TV protesting on a major show about Christmas being referred to as a White Christmas. He thought it meant the white race and was unwilling to accept the fact that the term referred to a famous song and was about snow. As I heard this I thought, “beam me up Scottie there is no intelligent life down here.
I am sick of us cowering down to loud mouths. I don’t protest their right to believe as they wish or to assemble. I am tired of them trying to destroy the very foundation of our society.
As Mark Twain said, man is a religious animal, he has many religions. So every man to his own choosing. I will keep quiet about your choice and wish you would do the same for me and my kind who are about 80% of the people in the US.


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I can certainly see where all of the confusion about "White Christmas" comes from. Us white folk pretty much have a lock on everything and even Bucky Godbolt, one of my favorite sports talk show hosts, says that Santa Claus is white. Bucky is African-American and quite funny and quite smart. He has always wanted to be Santa in a shopping mall but is afraid he would frighten the children. There is even more confusion about all of these people in masks that won't show their face. If their causes are so good why not show who they are. The Ku Klux Klan and all train robbers always wore masks...of course so did The Lone Ranger and Zorro. About 50-50 either way so I don't know which way to lean.

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