Thursday, October 12, 2006

North Korea claims to have tested an atomic bomb this week after repeatedly claiming they were only developing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. They were beating their chest in the UN, this week, claiming how great they are and the world should applaud their efforts. North Korea loves to be applauded. That’s all Kim Jong Il seems to do, stand on a balcony reviewing his goose stepping troops and clapping his chubby little hands.
The world community, including China and Russia, at first did not endorse North Korea’s enthusiasm and seemed willing to join in sanctions against them because of this insane action which threatens world peace. Japan has already imposed sanctions and is not allowing North Korea to sail ships in Japanese waters and are banning imports to North Korea. That means no more cars or TV’s shipped to the starving people of North Korea, this is going to hurt a lot.
Now China is backing away from imposing sanctions. Believe me, China has been informed all along about North Korea’s intentions. I’m sure Kim Jong Il doesn’t go to the bathroom without the approval of China. Kim Jong even has his hair done in China and the newest style is straight up, as usual, but with the very top in the shape of a mushroom cloud.
If we could only manage to get Islam to direct their anger toward North Korea and China. We could then get into the fray along with Israel and could have Pat Robertson’s predicted Armageddon. This may be sooner that we think.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

And it is my understanding that we are STILL sending them $80 million this year even as we speak. Am I missing something?

6:35 AM  

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