Monday, October 09, 2006

Have been away from the blog for over a week. Took a trip to St. Augustine, Florida which is the oldest town in the United States. We went in search of the Fountain of Youth and for ghost. We didn’t find either. The Spanish explorer, Ponce DeLeon, found the place in the early 1500’s when he was also looking for the Fountain of Youth. We did go by a place where he drank the water but it was pretty dirty looking so I didn’t bother to take a sip. I suspect it is the source of E Coli which they have been looking for. St. Augustine is also supposed to be the most haunted city in the US. We took a night time ghost tour but didn’t see a thing, even in the famous lighthouse where one is thought to dwell. What we did find on our trip were thousands of crazy drivers especially on I 10. One of them almost ran into us as he crossed a wide median into our lane, which was headed in the opposite direction. Luckily, I missed him by a hair. I guess he was asleep or drugged out of his mind. There is much to write about which occurred in my absence including the murder of kids in school and the shooting of a school principal. The big news in Florida was the resignation of one of their representatives from Congress, Congressman Foley. There is absolutely no safe place to go. When I got home, I immediately went to bed and pulled the cover up over my head. I was happy to get to work this morning even if our new building is the ugliest I have seen in all my travels. I kept seeing signs along the highway advertising an agency which buys houses. The sign says “We buy Ugly Houses.” Wonder if they also buy ugly hospitals, if so I have a good one for them.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

It's nice to have you back safely. You don't need to travel, there are plenty of crazy drivers right here. Congressman Foley's deal is quite a puzzle isn't it? Not that long ago the Pope and Cardinals and everybody else was defending the priests who were chasing the altar boys and I don't recall Foley taking any kind of stand on the issue although he has a pretty good venue to do so. Now he is another in the long list of "abused" folks who lean on that for their excuse. I guess that is what is wrong with me, my parents and grandparents abused me often with belts and switches from hackberry trees every time I did something to get in trouble. Should I talk to the ALCU or is there someone I can sue? As far as the hospital, if that building is finished then the contractor made out like a bandit....I have seen outhouses that were more easy on the eye.

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