Monday, September 25, 2006

My Blog was off the air on Friday for most of the day. Why this occurred is a mystery to me. I thought that perhaps some of those I have written about recently had somehow managed to pull the blog for more careful study and were plotting some sort of revenge. I have been careful about starting my car lately and am watching the side of the road carefully for objects that might resemble a bomb. I know I may have offended some Muslims, Jews, Christians, doctors, actors, thieves and others in the trade. My intent is not to offend one particular group, but all of them.
I’m always criticizing the Baptist especially the preachers for shouting at us every Sunday morning. They preach the same message to all of us in the congregation, Sunday after Sunday. Everyone there knows John 3:16 by heart and that Jesus is the way to everlasting life. We hear very little of substance to make us better Christians. The songs I now hear in church are strange and in one of the services are sung with the accompaniment of drums, guitars, tambourines and other instruments that make it sound like a rock concert. Some of my brethren in the Protestant camp now have homosexuals for pastors and the ministry is a haven for sexual perverts. Yet in spite of all the fine examples I remain a Christian. I am content to have such a narrow mind.
Now, there you have it, I can criticize the Baptist and Protestants because I am one. Let me say a word about the Jews and I am anti-Semitic and a Nazis. If I say a word about the Muslims then I am in danger of literally losing my head. Who has the narrow mind? At least I am non-violent and am not going to blow myself up.
For now I will continue the fun of speaking about the things which amuse me and the insanity which goes on around me.


Blogger Matt said...

"My intent is not to offend one particular group, but all of them." Go get 'em! I can think of plenty of groups you left out.


6:45 PM  
Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Alas, I fear that the black helicopters may be tailing you, Doc. You have simply offended too many people in too many ways. I would only worry about making amends with the Christians and the doctors, though. The Pope is going to make things right with the Muslims by apologizing to them for any hurt feelings, the creatures in Hollywood will take care of the Jews because they like to do that, the actors are all so high on drugs that they don't know they have been taken down, and the thieves have the ACLU to make sure they are not wronged in any way....
and I know what you mean about the music in your church. At the last visit to "my" church there was a guy that looked like a cross between Drew Carey and Elton John jumping and dancing around up front on the "stage" spewing what sounded like some drug music from the 1960's. I was told that he is the minister of music.........

11:47 AM  

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