Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A reliable source leaked news of a secret weapon the United States plans to use against Osma Bin Laden. Mexia, Texas born Playmate of the Year Anna Nicole Smith has offered to become a wife of Bin Laden. She gained fame as a famous Playboy Playmate who married a multi-millionaire over 60 years her senior. He died shortly after the wedding when he took one glance at her nude body. He did die happy. She also became famous as a TV personality and for her weight gain and loss. She has had others to mysteriously die in her presence, most recently a son by her first marriage.
She has offered to marry Osma bin Laden and would even be willing to prepare all his meals. Her famous spinach salad will literally take your breath away. The government is confident that when Osma sees her body he can not resist. It sure beats looking at all those women clad in totally black robes with veils and scarves covering their heads. You never know what you are getting with one of those ladies but with Anna Nicole you can be sure. The Muslim women may look like black widows but Anna Nicole is the real thing.


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