Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Former Enron CFO, Andrew Fastow, was sentenced to six years in federal prison for being the mastermind of the Enron scam which cheated scores of people out of their life savings and retirement. He said was sorry for what he had done. He also said,” I am ashamed of what I did.” The question is where is the money he has stashed when he returns to society after a rest in federal prison. The judge was lenient because Fastow was helpful at pointing a finger at his bosses for their part in the scam. Pardon me will I take time out to vomit. Fastow’s wife also spent a year in the pen because of her dealings with the IRS. The judge was kind enough to wait for her release before sentencing Fastow so someone could be home with the kids and home school them on the tricks of the trade.
The other story related to Enron is that there is a strong rumor around Houston that Ken Lay is not even dead and that the whole thing was staged. He has probably taken up residence with Osam bin Laden which is about the safest place in the world to be.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Isn't the story about Fastow warm and cuddly? The judge said he was lenient because Fastow has been "persecuted" over the past months. Imagine that, and he only wrecked a few thousand people's lives not to mention their portfolios. I was happy that the judge allowed him to hug his wife before carting him off to the country club. If he had robbed a liquor store or been caught with a sack full of dope he would be off to the state prison for 20 years. Nice system we have. Not sure if Lay is really dead but bin Laden is actually living right here in Temple. I see him almost daily on 31st Street, usually in front of Scott & White. A lot people mistake him for a homeless creature because he is always in a long beard and wearing a heavy knee-length duster (even in August)and carrying bags from Dollar General. I am sure they are explosives. My theory is that the towers of S&W were his targets but after observing the situation for the past few years he has come to the conclusion that the whole place will implode by itself and he can save the ammo for his next gig.

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