Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Venezuelan president Hugh Chavez in a speech to the U.N. today announced to the world that George Bush is the Devil. I’m glad we now know who our leader is. There is no doubt how really powerful he is and has command of most people’s souls. That explains how he caused Hurricane Katrina and global warming. It’s reassuring to know we have such a powerful leader who also rules Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, Russia and China. Mark Twain said that he is the spiritual leader of four-fifths of the human race and political head of the whole of it. In his presence, popes and politicians shrink to midgets for the microscope.
The speech reminded me of one by Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev at the UN in October 1960 when he waved his shoe and beat on the podium saying that he would bury us. He also accused the Filipino delegate to the UN of being a jerk, a stooge and a lackey of imperialism. Like Khrushchev, Chavez is a good friend of Fidel Castro. If he follows their example he is on his way to fame and fortune, just look at what happened to Khrushchev.
The Democrates must be overjoyed that they have the endorsement of Chavez.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

I feel a bit foolish now that I know that George Bush REALLY DID cause Katrina, global warming, etc. But you would think that someone as powerful as the Devil would not bore himself with the spinach e-coli thing. Maybe the next time there is a natural disaster in Venezuela or any of the other countries that are so fond of us that the Devil should just "go down to Georgia" or wherever he goes and not bother with any money, first aid, food or other evil contriband.

11:29 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

Good to here that the iconic Citgo sign behind Fenway Park in Boston is being taken down. The Venezuelians are some of the primary shareholders in Citgo. I am not going to buy gas from Citgo, not that I every did anyway.


3:36 PM  

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