Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jimmy Carter is after Bush again. He says the current Korean problem is Bushes fault. He says that Bush is making a mistake by not meeting with the Koreans one on one as they have requested. Carter thinks that if we would just meet with them one on one rather than trying to get the support of the other countries through the UN that everything would be okay. He says that all Kim Jong Il wants is reassurance from the US that we will not invade him if he continues his nuclear testing.
Jimmy Carter may be a great ex-president and I am very glad he is X. His track record with the middle east was not that great, remember the Iran hostage thing. He did get Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Menachem Began of Israel to shake hands and that has settled everything. Everything between Israel and the rest of the middle east is just great, thanks to Jimmy Carter.
Cater has done a great job building houses with the Habitat for Humanity project, he just need to keep hammering away rather than coddling madmen and promoting homosexuals in the Baptist Church.
The good news of today is that I got a raise in my Social Security check. We were going to Temple this evening to splurg this windfall on a meal at Luby’s but I couldn’t justify the expense of the gas for the trip even though the price has come down. The other good news is that the stock market almost hit 12,000 today. Maybe I can afford the gas when I make back some of the money I lost 7 years ago but I really don’t think I will live that long.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

You know, it IS hard to believe all of this is still going on after Jimmy Carter got the whole world on such good terms with each other. Maybe we should send Rodney King to talk to Kim Jong Il and he could tell him we "just need to get along". That would probably convince him and he would stop all of this nuclear testing nonsense and get back to the holy wars like God wants us to. I, for one, would certainly feel better if we could develop a dialogue with the little Korean Napoleon and "just give peace a chance."

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