Friday, September 08, 2006

Haven’t written on the blogs for a few days because of depression over several events. I cried all last weekend because every sports team I back lost, as usual. I was stunned when the USA basketball team lost to Greece. I think the only team they have really beaten is the Baka Pygmies from Cameroon Africa. These little guys put up a good fight against the USA Dream Team, but height finally was the deciding edge for the USA. The pygmies had some of the tallest from their tribe with an average height of 4.5 feet compared to 7.5 feet for the USA. The USA represented our best with an average salary of 10 million a year for each player. The pygmies are given a new dart gun and a vile of poison each year to allow them to hunt for their families in the rain forest.
My other teams also lost. The Temple Wildcats again went down in bitter defeat and are off to another 0 and 10 season. I am hopeful that the new multimillion dollar Astroturf and Jumbo scoreboard will improve their performance as much as the mega-salaries have for the USA basketball team.
If all that wasn’t bad enough, my Baylor Bears lost to TCU, but again this wasn’t unexpected. The prayers of the Baptist just weren’t strong enough to bring our team to victory.
I have just about signed off of sports anyway. Since all the professionals make so much money and then blow it on dope it pretty much disgust me. I now only watch the last two minutes of a basketball game and only if it is a championship game. You are wasting your time and overtaxing your nervous system to watch anymore. I fall asleep watching baseball, so have given up on this sport. I only watch the commercials during football games and the last two minutes of the forth quarter, if the game is close.
From now on I am going to be content just watching my grandkids swim and horse around in my sons backyard.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Doc, don't be so downtrodden...all of this is just the evolution of sports. You think it is only you but it applies to all of us. Many years ago a college professor of mine told me that he wished that in ALL basketball games they would just give each team 100 points and let them play for 2 minutes with timeouts. As far as professional athletes it all began when they gave white shoes Joe Willie Namath a $400,000 signing bonus on a card table after the Orange Bowl game eons ago. All of the other pro athletes were watching on their TV's at home and we had created a monster. It is not that bad when you think about it, though. Marijuana, cocaine and meth dealers all contribute to our tax base and the more money the pros spend with them the more they kick in to our gross national product. As far as the scoreboard and new turf are concerned you are totally missing the point. It is not about winning or losing but how much money can be generated. Between the turf in Belton and Temple it is only a matter of time before none of us will ever pay property taxes again. Think of the revenue those stadiums are going to produce!!! Finally, Baylor is in a prayer fight for victories that they can never win. Ever hear of Notre Dame? They have NBC and ESPN both in their pocket as well as most pollsters. Even if God does allow them to lose a few games they will still be in the top 10. But don't worry, good times are ahead!! Now to go along with the hit series "Dancing With the Stars" and "Ice Skating With the Celebrities" there is a new series coming called "Boxing With the Has-Beens". It is a can't miss. I have it from reliable sources that the first group of contestants includes Mike Tyson vs. Richard Gere and Tonya Harding vs. that horse-face Karrigan girl. I can't wait and it should be exciting....

1:57 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

Don't forget to mention the horns. They let me down too. If they just would have had the rest of their convicts like "Romance" Taylor playing, they would have no doubt stolen a victory away from those Buckeyes. Why am I so addicted to watching these athletes anyway?

12:46 PM  

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