Sunday, July 09, 2006

Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest this weekend and helped make it a box office smash. Three of the grandkids were my cover and chaperons as we waited in line to enter a packed theater. My only problem is, what is it all about? Because of my age I couldn't understand much of the dialog, although the music blew me out of my seat. At the end and through much of the weekend, at home, we have tried to analyze the plot and neither the three kids or three other adults who saw it with me have the answers.
Captain Jack Sparrow is indebt to Davy Jones who is captain of the Flying Dutchman and is threatend with becoming part of his crew which consist of human sea like creatures, ranging from a hammerhead shark to a puffer fish face on a man. Davy Jones is an octopus headed man whos tentacle are used to play a organ on his ship much like Captain Nemo used on the Nautilus.
Jack Sparrow acts like an inebriated gay with his mannerisms and speech. Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, who are about to be married but, unfortunately, must be executed unless they get the compass which Sparrow carries with him at all times. It also turns out that Will Turner's father is one of Davy Jone's humanoid like sea creatures and part of the crew of the Dutchman.
A Vodoo lady named Tia Dalma has all the answers, but unfortunately I couldn't understand a word she said. Anyway Will and Elizabeth find out that a key is necessary to open a treasure chest and the key hangs around the neck of Davy Jones.
Along with all this you must tolerate the misadventures of Jack Sparrow including a wild chase by some weird natives.
Davy Jones has control of this huge octopus sea monster which engulfs ships. In spite of this tough looking crew with Davy Jones, Will and Elizabeth manage to get the key from around Davy's neck. They end up on an island with Jack Sparrow and the compass and find it leads to the dead man's chest . When opened, with the key, it contains the beating heart of Davy Jones. A great fight with much sword play ensues over the heart. If Will gets it, his father will be released from the crew of the Dutchman. I think that Sparrow will be spared his fate with Davy Jones.
All sort of confusion reighs over possession of the heart which Sparrow now has in a jar of dirt ( it's still alive). Sparrow ends up on his ship defending it from the monster of Davy Jones. Elizabeth manages to handcuff Sparrow and she along with Will and the rest of the crew man a lifeboat while Jack goes down with the ship. That seems to be the end of Jack until the next movie. What happened to the heart, I don't know. The British authorities may have it but it's not clear.
Anyway, Will, Elizabeth and Sparrow's crew are sitting around mourning the loss of Jack when who should appear but the famous Captain Barbosa of the first movie, the captain of the crew of skeleton people. He is there now to lead them and the movie ends. Help, Help !!!!


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Hello Doc, I am enjoying your spasms and now even will save money from movie admission although I must admit that I do not go to many movies. I did not see the first Pirates movie and am not really sure if this is the second or third offering. I DID take my granddaughter to all of the Harry Potter movies and I also went to see Gone With the Wind, The Alamo (the John Wayne one) and The Godfather. From viewing the previews of the movies of the last 20 years or so I am left of the opinion that the writers in Hollywood are enjoying something stronger than Coors Light at their writing sessions. Keep up the good work and don't worry too much about those "72 virgins in Heaven" that they always bring up. My guess is that they are likely all 94 year old nuns with warts and bunions.

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