Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Still recovering from the 4th. Work a little slower than usual.
Not much in remainder of world. North Korea still firing off missles. Ken Lay died, but everyone is probably better off for that. He is a classic example of some of the gluttonous rich I have known. He was as bad for the political right as some of the movie stars are for the political left.
Rush Limbaugh was cleared of charges for having a prescription for Vigra; is there no privacy? That is no ones business anymore than for Bill Clinton having a box of cigars.
Another interesting medical tidbit today is that Tylenol can damage the liver. That has been know for some time but big news today. Water can also cause death especially if aspirated in large quanities into the bronchus, this is know as drowning. We are constatnly being pounded with radiowaves, that has got to cause some ill effect which will one day be discovered. Just hope Dr. Pepper doesn't do anything other than make you fat.


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