Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Today is March 2nd and a day I usually celebrate along with April 21st. It’s Texas Independence Day and April 21st is San Jacinto Day. I celebrate because of my love for Texas history and because my great-grandfather fought in the Battle of San Jacinto. I’m getting a little afraid to celebrate in public because some historians don’t think Texas has a right to be independent from Mexico. I also used to enjoy studying the Civil War but all the symbols of the South are now considered politically incorrect and it’s considered un-American to pay any sort of respect to the Confederate flag or anything southern. It’s embarrassing to even say I enjoy studying the Civil War or Texas History. The only politically correct thing to study now is African-American history and history of the Middle East and Muslims. This is boring stuff and I keep falling asleep. I now restrict my celebration to the quiet of the porch and just laugh.

I’m also not going to celebrate today because it’s Election Day and I have no candidate. I don’t care for the Republicans or Democrats. The Republican candidates have had an incredible amount of negative TV advertising as they attempt to smear each other. I hate this type of campaigning and refuse to support either one. I don’t know enough about the Democrat candidates and will just have to wait until the general election before I decide. The way things are going, I probably won’t vote then. All this sounds terribly Un-American and I’m not doing my patriotic duty. The politicians are the ones who have let me down regarding patriotic duty.

Yesterday, I became one year older. The thing I have learned through all my years is that the human race is generally pretty stupid and stubborn. On the subjects of politics and religion people or dug in on their views and keep a very closed mind. Only their politics is right and it’s like we don’t even belong to the same country as far as Democrats and Republicans are concerned. Religion is the same way. Most folks think their way is the only way and everyone else who believes differently is in danger of hell fire. It’s enough to make Jesus puke.

From all this, it sounds like I’m depressed. That’s not the case with me, mainly because I have a great sense of humor. I sit on the porch and laugh a lot as I silently read Texas and Civil War history and even the Bible.


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Happy Texas Independence Day!

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