Saturday, February 20, 2010

Events of this week have been hard on my nerves. The fiery crash of the suicide pilot into the building in Austin was very unnerving. I was afraid we were in for another 9/11 until I thought for a minute. Why would a terrorist crash into a building in Austin anymore than a suicide bomber would detonate himself in a Dairy Queen in Salado? The disturbing thing about Joseph Stack, the pilot, was his manifesto published on the internet. It almost sounded like one of my blogs. The guy was unhappy with all aspects of the government, right and left. He just completely cracked and it’s amazing more people don’t do the same.

The other thing that has been hard on my nerves is watching the Olympics. It’s difficult for me to watch because I’m afraid these folks are going to wipe themselves out like the guy on the luge track. Before Lindsey Vonn made her winning downhill run, two earlier skiers had taken a big spill and amazingly survived. I was waiting for Shaun White to break his neck on one of his flips. Even the figure skating unnerves me.

The amazing thing of the week was Shani Davis winning a gold. How did a black guy get into the winter Olympics? He stood out like a catsup bottle on the table at an upscale restaurant. Hitler walked out of the Olympics when Jesse Owens won all those years ago. The Fuhrer must be turning over in his grave with the win by Davis.

The master race of Germany may be making a comeback. They now rank second in the number of medals. Russia is far behind. All the results might be different if they had snow in Vancover.

The last bit of news was the confession and apology of Tiger Woods. That didn’t bother my nerves as much as just make me sick to see a fallen hero. He may make a comeback but we must always remember that scum always rises. He will probably always be tainted like a Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens or Pete Rose.

Anyway, I’m hoping for a quieter week on the porch next week. The weekend certainly hasn’t started off well because I just looked up and saw about 20 deer in the backyard. Wish I could put these pest on the luge track.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Eureka! You have stumbled onto the perfect idea. Rather than be subjected to all of those ridiculous bought-off political primaries every four years we should just let the politicians all have a "luge-off". No helmets, of course, as this would be a survival of the fittest. The politicians that survive the prelims could advance to that giant ski jump ramp for the finals. Those with guts enough to actually jump would advance to a two man or woman election and millions of dollars would be saved.

as a matter of fact, all Congressmen and Senators should be forced to go down the luge blindfolded every two years or so just to test their courage. They are pretty much like buzzards, anyway. If we lose a few a new flock will show up to feast on the road kill........taxpayers.

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