Monday, March 01, 2010

Somehow, I forgot to mention in yesterdays blog about one of the most important proposals for my healthcare reform package. Reform of the Drug Companies has to be at the top of the list of things that need reforming. Shaping up this bunch could save billions of dollars.

The drug companies spend millions on TV advertisements. These should be outlawed because they are very confusing and create unreasonable expectations for the patient. The patient comes to the doctor insisting on a particular drug they have heard about on TV. The doc is forced to give them a prescription whether they need it or not.

The main offenders are Viagra and Cialis. Enough is spent on advertising these two drugs to pay for the entire 40 million uninsured. Every time a drug is advertised the commercial elaborates on so many disclaimers and possible side effects it scares me to death. One of my favorite complications, usually listed, is an erection lasting more than 4 hours. I would classify that as a miracle rather than a complication.

Cialis has the most interesting commercial. It’s these two people sitting in separate bathtubs on the beach or in the woods. What is that supposed to mean? They are always talking about when the time is right and then the couple dance into a bedroom and close the door. That’s getting pretty close to porn.

Plavix is another one that is overdone. A daughter or son is advising their father as if they were a physician. They diagnosis the dad with possibly having peripheral vascular disease and tell him he should take Plavix. Another overdone commercial is Restasis for dry eyes. The woman in the commercial claims to be an eye doctor and says if Restasis is good enough for her it should be good enough for you. That ladies eyes are extremely far apart and she has this stare that goes right through you. I wish they could find a Cyclops for that commercial.

Anyway, if the drugs companies would just cut the commercials the price of dugs would drop significantly and we would all be happier. This additional proposal about drug company reform should complete my healthcare overhaul. I am sending the letter to my elected officials in Washingon and will wait on the porch for an answer. I will probably get a lot of rocking done before I get reply.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

I think you will need a new rocker before you get an answer from a politician, Doc, but good luck. Besides, Cialis and Viagra are their wonder drug. Four hours???? For most politicians that is better that having 72 virgins waiting in their lobby. I imagine both drugs will be over the counter shortly. If those guys in Washington could make a deal with the liquor companies they would take Cialis every 4 hours without fail. Because "you never know when the time is right"....

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