Monday, February 22, 2010

Like many people my age, some of my first reading material was Dick and Jane. However, I perfected my reading skills on comic books. When I was a kid I was addicted to the comics and would go to the newsstand in my little hometown and just hang around and read them. The owner was kind enough not to run me away because I would usually end up buying at least one. I also traded comics with other kids. My favorite comics were Superman, Batman and Captain Marvel. I even belonged to the Captain Marvel Club and would write in his secret code, which was the alphabet backwards.

Comics cost 10 cents back in my day, which was quite a bit of money during WWII. I just wish I had held onto some of those comics because they are now worth a fortune. The comic pictured above is the first Superman Comic published in June 1938 by Action Comics. It sold today in New York for 1 Million Dollars. Yes, that is 1 Million Dollars. Not bad for something that cost 10 cents. I don’t know many things that have produced that good of return.

It was reported that there are around 100 of these comics remaining but this one must be in the best condition. If I owned it I would be afraid to even open it.

I am somewhat of a pack rat and like to collect things but it seems that I have collected the wrong stuff. I have thrown away thousands of dollars worth of comics. During WWII my brother-in-law sent home a number of things from Germany. I remember one of the things he sent was a large red Nazis flag. My sister eventually threw all this stuff away and it was only recently that I saw a flag, just like the one I had, in an antique store with a price tag of $5,000.

Anyway, I was happy to see that Superman Comic was worth so much. It gives me some reassurance that there are other people around as crazy as I am. I’ll bet there are even others who would like to sit on the porch and reminisce about the lazy days of childhood and reading comics.


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