Thursday, February 25, 2010

For much of my adult life I have tried to overcome prejudices that I learned as a child. I have made a lot of headway, but then things happen that set me back to childhood. The recent flap with Toyota is a prime example.

After Pearl Harbor my family hated the Japanese and didn’t trust them. It’s a shame what happened to many of the innocent Japanese Americans who were put in internment camps during WWII just because of their race. I suspect that our government didn’t have much choice and didn’t know whom to trust. The Japanese as a nation sure couldn’t be trusted after pulling a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. They also proved to be a down right mean and evil bunch of folks because of the many atrocities committed during the war. These people were masters of torture.

Even before the war the Japanese were known for cheap and worthless stuff. Made in Japan meant it was inferior. After the war they started the Total Quality Management concept for almost everything they made. They appeared to have completely changed their stripes. Electronics and automobiles were quality products. Now they seem to be going back to their old ways with the practices of Toyota.

It always bothers me how these people bow and smile as they slip a dagger into your liver. The CEO of Toyota appeared before a Congressional committee today. He bowed and then said “so sorry.” To me, that doesn’t do the trick. He should have bowed as he inserted a sword into his abdomen as is commonly done back in his homeland.

In my travels I have also found the Japanese to be the most rude tourist on the planet. They disregard all rules of courtesy as they break in line and elbow everyone else aside. They shove to the front of the crowd with their cameras to get the best shot.

Maybe the Toyota flap will bring them down a notch, but don’t count on it. I’m just glad I don’t own a Toyota even if it was safe. I’m still of the redneck mentality that wants to stay American. Even my porch sitting and eating chicken fried steak is an American custom as opposed to sitting on the floor sipping sake while eating rice with chop sticks. I’m afraid I have lapsed back into my WWII view.


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You are not alone in your view, either...........

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