Wednesday, February 03, 2010

This should be an interesting winter Olympics. There is no snow in Vancouver. El Nino has moved all the snow south. The winter Olympics should have been in Oklahoma City this year. It would be easier to build a mountain than create a snowstorm.

They are creating a base in the mountains with hay and then hauling in snow by the truckloads to coat everything. That has to be a tremendous job. One time I was in Canada and toured a glacier. One of the Japanese tourists on the tour chipped a piece of the glacier off and put it in her purse as a souvenir. I suspect she was very surprised when she returned to the hotel to see a little puddle of water in her purse. That is the way I picture the snow that is being hauled in. The skiers will be landing in a swimming pool filled with hay. All of this should be fun to watch. NBC is covering the Olympics and at least it will be more entertaining than the recent Tonight Show episodes with Conan.

I have never been a big Winter Olympics fan, especially with the skiing events. The figure skating is fun to watch and these events should be okay with the warm weather in Canada. The skating is inside so it could take place in Brownsville, Texas or anywhere south of San Antonio.

I guess the problem in Vancouver and El Nino is due to global warming and is George Bush’s fault. With all this weird weather it seems like the poles are shifting to the middle of the world. The central part of the US may become the new North Pole. Iran and the Middle East could become the South Pole and that would truly be like hell freezing over.

With all this bizarre weather, I’m just happy to be on the porch. I have just been watching the rain come down and it’s nice because the deer seem to take cover and are out of sight. Instead of the Winter Olympics, I may watch Lawrence of Arabia because the desert scenes will be better than those in Vancouver.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

I'm like you, Doc, I don't really get into much of the winter games except for the figure skating. Even that event is not too exciting anymore, though. I really miss that little blonde trailer tramp and her antics. When she hired that guy to whack that horse-faced girl on the leg with a pipe it really souped up the olympics. Hopefully this year will as entertaining if the events all take place in water rather than ice and snow......

6:39 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

The Jamican bobsled team may have chance this time.

8:38 AM  

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