Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nancy Pelosi scares me with her highly socialistic views. She wants illegal aliens to be provided with healthcare, receive social security and have the other entitlements due US citizens. She of course wants to raise our taxes to pay for healthcare and all the other stuff. This week she did something I applauded. She killed the resolution proposed by Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee to make Michael Jackson an American Legend, A Musical Icon and a World Humanitarian. Michael Jackson was a great entertainer and I loved some of his stuff but the resolution was going a little too far when others should receive similar recognition. Jackson had a dark side with his bizarre behavior and weirdness in dress as well as probably being a pedophile. Why not make Jeffery Damer an Icon as a great serial killer or John Dillinger an American Icon as a bank robber.

As far as an icon for an entertainer, I can think of many who might deserve the recognition. Even folks like Willie Nelson or Johnny Cash might be considered. CBS Sunday Morning had a story today about one of my all time favorites, Doris Day. Her voice was terrific and her looks, wholesome and stunning. She holds the all time record for longest number one movie box office attraction and even beat folks like Elizabeth Taylor. Doris Day was number one for four years straight. Unfortunately, her personal life never matched her screen life. She was unhappily married four times and one of her husbands squandered her fortune. Today, she lives a reclusive life in California with her dogs and has been somewhat of an animal rights activists.

The media was so hyped up over Michael Jackson they neglected to show the return of the bodies of American Service Men who had been killed in action and who arrived home for burial. The fact that they gave their lives to defend us from terrorist and guarantee our freedom was not as newsworthy as Michael Jackson and there certainly wasn’t a proposed resolution to Congress that they be recognized for their ultimate sacrifice.

So, Nancy Pelosi you were right in killing the resolution. I had already defeated the resolution on the porch and after playing “Thriller” as a tribute to Michael Jackson I spent the rest of the day listening to my Doris Day albums.


Blogger B(O)B said...

Doris Day... How refreshing!

5:56 AM  
Blogger B(O)B said...

Doris Day... How refreshing!

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