Monday, June 22, 2009

Obama’s healthcare proposal is steamrolling through Congress and we may soon have universal healthcare. This is something numerous Presidents have tried but failed. Most everything is right for this to be a go, namely the Democrats control Congress as well as the Presidency. This may be a strong indicator that we should have a one party system with a Dictator or King.

The proposal is that we have a public program to compete with the private insurance. There is no way that private insurance can compete. This proposal is government or socialized medicine. This is probably the best thing, because in the long run we are going to die anyway and there is no need for medicine to meddle with the process.

The public insurance plan will not keep the doctors from making a bundle. They are masters of fraud and abuse along with the administrators of hospitals. As long as nothing is done to curtail overutilization of medical services the cost will continue to be high. Doctors are experts at overutilization to make a profit. A recent article in the New Yorker explained the problem very beautifully.

The bottom line is that this public program is going to cost a bundle and the bundle is going to come from the taxpayer. Cost is now 2.3 trillion dollars a year, which is around $8000 per person. In McAllen, Texas the cost is $15,000 a year. The reason is not that the patients are sicker or that people are getting better care. The cost in El Paso, which has the same demographics as McAllen is around the national average of $8000 per year. Interestingly, at the Mayo Clinic, which is the best care in the country, the cost is around $4000 per year. Why? The doctors at Mayo are on a salary and the ones at McAllen or entrepreneurs who are unleashed with the financial incentive to milk the system for all its worth. The doctors at McAllen, along with the band of thieves in the AMA, claim it’s their right to practice the way they do. No, it’s not right to rape the public in the guise of providing healthcare. The Mayo model is the one for us to follow. There are several healthcare systems like Mayo around the country and like it or not we have one in our front yard.

Even though I’m retired I still have my medical license that may be used like a robbers mask. I’m thinking about building an extension on the porch for a CT scanner. With everyone being insured I may open for business to scan to my hearts content or till my wallet overflows. I’m good at thinking up medical justifications or reasons to get the scan and naturally everybody would want a scan after I do a little advertising on TV to let folks know how much they need one to enhance their libido and things like that.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Doc, I have always been vehemently against socialized medicine but in my older age I think I am finally coming around to it. When you think about it, if we DON'T go the ways of government health care how in the heck will this generation of Americans be able to afford botox, breast implants, tummy and butt tucks, facelifts and all of the other essential life-saving surgeries that are now required?

I have been stupid and selfish to think that the people of this country should be deprived of this necessary care and I am ashamed of myself. Mr. Obama and Ms. Pelosi have convinced my that I should just continue to drive my old truck and eat a little more spam to further the cause of those that are in need. I will feel a lot better about myself this 4th of July knowing that I am a true patriot........

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