Sunday, June 14, 2009

The grandkids persuaded me to go to see the movie UP this weekend. I thought it was going to be an animated kids flick that would be a bore. Boy, was I wrong. It was animated all right, but it was much more than a little kids cartoon movie and anything but boring. It was rated G with no bad language, sex, violence or the other usual things in movies these days. It was a wonderful story that truly appealed to all ages.

There were subtle references to many events and movies of the past like King Kong, Indiana Jones, the Hindenburg Blimp etc. It contrasted age and youth. The story is of an old man who is inspired by the memory of his wife to take a most unusual trip. A young scout is a stowaway of his adventure that also features a rare bird and talking dogs and an evil Nemo like character.

The story is adventurous, sometimes sad, frequently exciting but very heartwarming. It was definitely worth getting off the porch to see this one that is recommended for kids 1 to 100.


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