Friday, June 19, 2009

The recent elections in Iran seem to be a joke and there are a lot of dissatisfied people. Today, everything was apparently put to rest because the Supreme Leader or the anointed one has spoken and told everyone to cool it. Ayatoliah Ali Khamenei is the Holy One in Iran. He was apparently appointed by Allah and what he says goes.

I think Ayatoliah got his job because he was actually called by the Muslim God, Allah. Some say he is the same God as the Christian God who sent his son Jesus to earth. The Muslims think this is the same God but that Jesus was just a prophet. The Jews believe this may be the same God but they don’t believe Jesus was his son and the stuff about Muhammad being a prophet is also incorrect. There are scholars on all sides who can argue their point of view. All three religions believe this is the God of Abraham.

It has always amazed me how everybody thinks they are right. There are so many Christian denominations and versions of what is right, no one can even give you the actual number. The leaders of each Christian Church claim that God has “called” them. Every preacher I have known claims they were “called.” They are also called from one church to another but as an outsider, it has always seemed to me that more pay and a bigger church in a bigger town has something to do with it.

Anyway, for a guy like me it’s hard to figure out who is right and who God is actually calling. Somebody is not telling the truth. I must admit that from time to time I think I may have heard God but it wasn’t in some audible voice or a bright light. It wasn’t in church where I have trouble hearing anything above the ranting and screams of the preacher. Sometimes in church, I have felt as if I was in the presence of God especially when things were quiet or sometimes even in an empty church. My hearing has been in very quiet places like the porch when I was in a meditative mode and an inner voice in the form of a dominant or prevailing thought helped me come to a conclusion. I’m sure the preachers and the Ayatoliah have something much more dramatic than that. It could be that the turban he wears has some sort of special antenna that allows him to receive messages from Allah.

As for me, I’m going to continue to listen to my voices on the porch. I think the Ayatoliah is crazy and the Supreme Leader of a crazy bunch of people who are set on annihilating us infidels in the name of their God. At least, my little inner voice has never advised me to annihilate anyone but sometime I get so aggravated that I want to argue with that little voice that I also call my conscience.


Blogger B(O)B said...

You hit the "Bull's-eye" again!

7:18 AM  
Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Sounds to me like you are right on the mark. I am not sure if God has gotten around to visiting some of the churches that I have been in lately. But then with all that is going on in the world today I guess that checking out sound systems, hi-tech video screens and broadway production choir performances probably can wait in His eyes.....

5:51 AM  

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