Monday, July 06, 2009

Colin Powell claims to be a Republican but I think he should really be labeled as an Opportunist. The day before the Presidential Election he came out in support of Obama after the polls showed Obama to be the almost certain winner. Now he is saying that the policy regarding gays in the military should be reexamined. With both, open gays and women in the military the troops are surely to be distracted from their business of killing because they will be occupied with making love. I recently talked to a woman soldier who said she was the only female in her group and that she was constantly being propositioned and even abused.

The business of soldiers is to kill the enemy and not be preoccupied with loving making with their colleagues. I don’t think that gays or women should be allowed in combat units. Another option would be to have gays and women be the ones in the combat units and the rest of the kids could stay home and avoid death.

Years ago, during Word War II there was something called the WAC or Women’s Army Corps. These women were not assigned to combat but relieved the males of many non-combat support functions. With Women’s Rights, females now want to be just like males and compete at every level. They even want to urinate when standing while they are on maneuvers in the field or in a combat situation.

I wish there was no need for the military, but since we are human that will never be possible. Because the military is a necessary part of life we should let them focus on their primary responsibility as they did in the two World Wars. I think it would be great to reestablish the WAC and we could even create a corps for the gays, the GAC. The GAC could perform a lot of support functions and even be used to engage the enemy with lovemaking. We might be successful in getting an AIDS epidemic started among the Talaban. Gays could wear those black dresses worn by Muslim woman and the Muslim men would probably never know the difference in bed. The only problem is that Muslims don’t tolerate Gays with their heads attached to their bodies.

Meanwhile, I wish Colin Powell would stay in retirement. I know he has a right to be upset with Bush after making a fool of himself at the UN when he told them that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. I wish he could visit me on the porch and I could show him some real weapons of mass destruction called deer.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

I would have expected more from General Powell but, like most military leaders, once they hang up their guns and get involved in politics everything changes. Instead of riding a jeep they learn to ride the fence and talk out of both sides of their mouths.

Once Obama completely takes over every facet of the country Powell will be back in his comfort zone. We may even have our school children wearing brown uniforms and learning to salute "the anointed one" before long. Life will be simple for us, though, as we will have no decisions to make.

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