Monday, November 17, 2008

When I was a kid I saw the movie Bambi and this has had a great influence for most of my life on how I view deer. I even cried when Bambi’s mother was shot. I never wanted to hunt deer when I became an adult because of the sorrow I felt for Bambi. That has all changed in recent years as I have learned more about deer.

As I have mentioned in numerous blogs, deer are a pest around my place. The Bambies, their mothers and fathers eat up my precious shrubs, flowers and garden. I have tried to learn more about the habits of deer and what they do and do not eat. I have learned they will eat almost anything if hungry enough. They don’t especially like sage, rosemary or things that are aromatic or have a rough leaf. They have never eaten my Asian Jasmine or Lambs Ear.

They are very bold creatures and have almost become domesticated because of the neighbors who feed them. The neighbors have at least slowed down on the feeding because the creatures have become so numerous.

I have learned more about the habits of deer through my several hunter friends. I also watch them daily in my backyard and in my flowerbeds. There are about twenty in my herd including six fawn who are now losing their spots. There are about four scrawny bucks in the group. This week a big handsome prancing buck has shown up. He is not with the group but I have seen him with a single doe. It is obviously rutting season and the big stud has arrived to sample the wear.

My friends tell me that a buck may service a doe several times when she is in heat and that several other bucks may also service her. The Lord only knows who the father may be out of those millions of sperm. The number of sperm injected into a doe to result in impregnation is almost as much as the government bailout dollars for the banks. All this means is that the does are nothing but prostitutes, sort of like our banking establishment. I have lost all respect for Bambi’s mother and I say to the hunters fire away at the mother and Bambi and if there is a fetus involved go ahead and use it for stem cell research.

The one view I don’t have from my porch is a yard with no deer. They are always there. These creatures are getting so bold the next thing I know is they will be moving into my bedroom to mate.


Blogger Michelle Wright said...

I think the movie Bambi should be banned! We should not allow children to develop a soft heart for these creatures. Deer have become much more of a nuisance than coyote are in other communities.

9:35 AM  

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