Thursday, November 13, 2008

Obama was elected President by a decisive majority. There were a few surprises with the election. He carried the population that makes over $100,000 a year and are the ones who will bare the tax burden. Obama originally said that he would not increase taxes on those making over $250,000. He later lowered this to $200,000 then Joe Biden said $150,000. Where will it stop? It’s kind of like the stock market. It will go lower. Next it will be $50,000 and then on down until it is everyone not receiving welfare.

Obama is already saying that he will reverse many of Bush’s executive orders such as the one on abortion and stem cell research. It’s surprising that the ban on same sex marriage was upheld in California but I am confident this will be reversed with a national law, which permits it for the entire country. This will become law in the same bill that makes prostitution and gambling legal nationwide.

There were a few other revelations in the election included Obama winning the majority of the Jewish and Latino vote. It doesn’t really surprise me about the Jews because they have a history in the Old Testament of biting the hand that feeds them. The Latinos are also no surprise because all they want is amnesty and have social security, Medicare and to be safe and secure away from their impoverished homeland. The Latino’s will be able to join the ranks of those who do not work and live on welfare.

I am sure that soon we will see the Washington Monument torn down along with the war memorials and the Jefferson Memorial to make way for statues of golden calves and Baal. These structures will symbolize out decadent society. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright will reemerge to deliver the dedicatory remarks for these idols of an immoral nation. I’m just glad that Billy Graham is too old to be a Presidential Advisor because we wouldn’t be ask anyway.

This whole thing has got to be a major conspiracy which also involved our below average, arrogant, hard-headed current President whose blunders got us into the current situation. At one time I laughed at the idea of a New Age Movement that was positioning itself to take over. Now, I think that may be entirely possible or else we are seeing an antichrist who will unit Muslims, and all religions in a new world order that will herald the second coming of Christ. The time is right for America to sell its soul to get out of our economic doldrums. If I sound crazy, read the paper.

The way things are going even the porch doesn’t look like a safe place. All of us face the possibility of being reduced to a burned out cinder. Even the golden calves and Baal statues will melt.


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