Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween is always one of our favorite holidays. My spouse and I love it because our first date was on Halloween. We taught our kids to love it and it has always been a major holiday for us. Pumpkin carving and decorating have become a family tradition and a big event for the grandkids. Granddad enjoys it more than anyone. Halloween takes me into another imaginary world and provides an escape from our misery. It is especially welcome this year with the presidential election. I’m thinking about writing in the name of Count Dracula or Frankenstein for President because they would be a much better choice that the two we have.

This year the grandkids converted our front porch into a spook house. It’s a pretty elaborate thing as pictured above. You have to enter the enclosure to get the full effect and see the primary display. This is a coffin that we constructed from foam insulation material and painted black. I got the pattern off the internet and it took us several hours to construct, tape together with duct tape and paint. We have a skeleton in the coffin with a plastic skull containing eerie red lights that illuminate the sockets. There is also a dummy severed bloody leg and severed fingers. Eyeball lights and orange ornamental bulbs give the other illumination. At the entrance is a fog machine that gives it just the right effect for a foggy evening where scary things happen and ghost and the dead come back for a day of celebration each year.

The trees in the front yard are decorated with hanging skeletons and ghost. There is a skeleton embedded in the flower bed who looks like he is coming out of the ground. Two skeleton arms are sticking out of the scrubs that line the front walk way. The whole place is kind of scary. We also plan to have some scary music.

In the next couple of days I have to decide about a costume. I’m thinking about an Obama or McCain mask but that would be too frightening. I also fell a little guilty about frightening folks on Halloween because they are already frightening enough with the economy, energy crisis, global warming, Iraq and the choices for President. The only good thing about all this is that I will be celebrating Halloween on the porch with the grandkids.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Unfortunately this election IS scarier than Halloween. Looking at what we have to vote for and what the future holds is more frightening than any nightmare that I have ever had. I have pretty much decided to write-in an old man that works at the Tractor Supply Company store in Temple.

Everyone just calls him "Mr. Earl" so I will have to find out his last name before I can really vote for him. Mr. Earl is pretty much retired and works at TSC part-time, likely just to have some time away from his wife and household chores. Mr. Earl is one of the kindest and most honest fellows I have ever met. He reminds me a lot of both of my grandfathers. He seems to know a little bit about just about everything and he always is able to help me or anyone else who really needs it.

Mr. Earl acts like it is Chrismas Eve all year long and I have watched him help other people when he didn't know I was watching and he acts the same way with them that he does with me. I doubt that Mr. Earl would fit in well with the D.C. crowd. I can't really see him at a cocktail party or drafting a bill that would fatten his pocket at the expense of the taxpayers. What he WOULD do would be to act honestly, responsibly and if his mother were watching him. And he would not be run over or influenced by anybody, regardless of part affiliation. Too bad we can't send a trainload of Mr. Earls to Washington.......

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