Tuesday, October 21, 2008

There is nothing worse than being called a racist. Much of that started after what Hitler did to the Jews. People wouldn’t even say the word “Jew” for fear it was like the “N” word today. Racism and “Brotherhood” are deeply ingrained within us and are very much alive today. It has come in focus because of the current political situation and the endorsements by various folks.

It’s only natural that all blacks will vote for Obama, just like all Mafia would vote for a Mafia candidate, all Jews would vote for a Jew and all Mormons vote for a Mormon. Naturally all Red-Necks would vote for a Red-Neck and most Catholics for a Catholic. With all this, it’s no surprise that Colin Powell supports Obama. It’s like the game of scissors, paper and rock we played as kids. Scissors trumps paper, just like race trumps party affiliations and other loyalties. I’m sure I would vote for a Red-Neck from the piney woods vs. an educated Ivy Leaguer.

In a way, I can’t blame Colin Powell. He was completely embarrassed after he went to the UN to convince them that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. As it turns out no WMD were found and Powell quietly disappeared from the scene. I don’t blame him for being hacked off, but McCain is not Bush and Powell and McCain are supposed to be big friends. As I have always said, Scum Always Rises. I suspect that in the privacy of the voting booth that Condolezza Rice will vote for Obama.

So far all the various endorsements have had no effective on me except in a negative way. I really don’t care who Oprah or some movie star is supporting.

Another thing that has become apparent in this election is that Independents are really all Democrats. That’s how it’s always been. The Independent is against the party in power. In Clinton’s day they were all Republicans. They want to give you the impression that they are some deep thinker and have really figured things out as an Independent. I say BS. I’m the only Independent person I know because I really don’t like either candidate. So, I endorse No One. At least my conscience is clear and I don’t feel like rising scum driven by race or some blind loyalty to a Brotherhood.

I can accept either McCain or Obama a President but would prefer to have neither. Surely, there must have been stronger, more qualified people out there to lead us and to abandon partisan politics.

Obama concerns me because of his previous demonstration of the lack of patriotism and his questionable background. Yes, I am prejudiced regarding Muslims when they believe that we are infidels and should be destroyed. Obama claims not to be Muslim, but he is heavily tainted. I am concerned that he will drive us to a complete welfare state and that increased taxation is inevitable. I also have concerns about his readiness to abandon Iraq (even thought I don’t support the war). I am also concerned about him keeping America militarily strong and protecting us. I also have great concerns about his moral fiber and the meaning of the word Christian.

McCain concerns me because of his age. I love Sarah Palin but don’t think she is qualified to be Vice-President and certainly not President. I am concerned about his support of the greedy lot on Wall Street and the CEOs of the large companies who have led us into economic disaster. They have been allowed to squander our wealth with the unregulated environment in which they function. I agree that we should leave Iraq honorably but to continue to pour money into that country for their reconstruction with their incredible oil wealth is unconscionable.

So, how can I in good conscience pull the lever for either of these guys. I may write in my choice as I mark the ballot for other candidates I support who are both Democrats and Republicans.


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