Sunday, November 09, 2008

The recession deepens and may develop into an all out depression unless some reversal of the meltdown occurs. Hopefully, Obama will find the answer. It’s likely to be more government involvement and bailouts. It’s unfortunate that some of the greedy lot on Wall Street and high priced CEOs can’t go to jail.

Unemployment continues to rise. The group which is now in greatest danger of layoffs is the media. Without Bush, McCain and Palin to bash they are without jobs. I’m glad McCain didn’t get elected because the bunch at CNN would continue to flourish. The media at the so-called major networks may also experience major reductions. They are now grasping for straws. They are still after Palin for the clothes purchased by the Republican Party. She apparently has returned the clothes but they continue to hound her to make sure she is dead for 2012. Even people in the McCain camp are after her and blaming her for some of their failure. As for me, I wish her well and may even become one of her supporters.

The media is a very biased group and in my book have a lower rating than Bush or even Congress. They are all over anything that hints at yellow journalism. About the only paper that didn’t capitalize on negativism was the Christian Science Monitor. I am not a Christian Scientist but they had a good newspaper. Their publication has now been reduced from a daily to a couple of times a week. People are only interested in blood and gore or imagining that the sky is falling. Papers constantly tell us the sky is falling and that pushes us over the edge to more recession and negativism. Again, quoting Shakespeare, “Nothing is either good or bad, it’s thinking which makes it so.”

As we release the enemy combatants from the Afghanistan War, now in the Guantanamo detention camp, I think they should be replaced with members of the media, tycoons from Wall Street, CEOs and bank executives. This would be an ideal spot. The only better location would be a floating iceberg from the melting Artic Circle.

I’ve learned a lot during the recent presidential campaign. One thing which is very apparent is that liberals and also folks who are ultra-conservative have absolutely no sense of humor. They can dish out criticism but are highly offended or mad if anyone challenges their point of view. It’s almost as bad as the various positions people take on religion. All these folks might also do well at Guantanamo. I sure don’t want any of them on the porch. I like the porch to be filled with people who can laugh at themselves and have an open mind. One of the nice things about Obama being elected is that now maybe some of the media and humorless liberals will keep quiet for awhile. I’m sure whining conservatives will replace them, but they are not as easily heard because none of the networks or newspapers provides a means for them to speak.


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