Sunday, November 16, 2008

Baylor beat A&M in football this weekend. Miracles still happen on the Brazos. As a Baylor graduate, I have always loved the place but have never gotten very emotional over football because the team is always so bad. One time we did win the Southwest Conference when the great Grant Taff was coaching and that conference was still in existence. That was truly a miracle.

Baylor was a great place for me. When I attended it was a time when Baptist churches still had revivals, there were traveling evangelist, the congregation still sang from hymnals, there were no rock bands in church and the organ was a very special instrument. Men still wore ties to church and everyone dressed nicely. Folks were even fairly reverent in church and they sang songs I loved rather that ones that repeat the same line over and over. That was a long time ago and it was almost like another religion. The religious experience at Baylor reflected all these traditional practices and helped indoctrinate my soul. It was a good feeling. Unfortunately, that feeling no longer exist except as a memory.

I may have learned more at another school but Baylor was just right for me. I enjoyed most of the courses very much but the premed stuff was probably my least favorite. I loved a course on writing and my favorite was American Humor that was mostly a study of Mark Twain’s work. That course has stayed with me all of my life. Of the premed courses, comparative anatomy was my favorite because of the teacher. I was her pet and she had a big influence on my life. I even got to be the lab assistant in that course and learned a lot of anatomy from dissecting so many cats. It’s interesting that the teacher was really teaching about evolution, thus the course was called comparative anatomy. We looked at the similarity of anatomy in the frog all the way up to more advanced animals. The administration of Baylor wasn’t smart enough to figure out we were studying this doctrine of the devil or else we would have all been kicked out. As it turns out my teacher has been one of the most revered teachers in the history of Baylor.

Losing at football has never been a big deal with me because my Baylor experience has made me a winner in the game of life, which is more important. I must admit, it is occasional nice to beat the Aggies. Hearing about that victory was the only part of the news I enjoyed on the porch last night. It helped reaffirm my faith in miracles at a time that we could sure use a few.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Unfortunately I did not get to watch any of the game but I did listen to most of it on the radio. What I surmised was confirmed after I talked to my mother who did watch the game.

This was no miracle, just an old fashioned whipping. Baylor has finally gotten a decent coach in Art Briles and A&M just continues to be A&M. If the Aggies would only put as much effort and emotion into the games against their other foes as they do against "t.u." as they disrespectfully like to call them, then they might actually do something. But that won't happen. Thus, this will likely not be the only time that Baylor beats the Aggies as they continue their mission of hating Texas and being incurably jealous of them.

6:38 AM  
Blogger Michelle Wright said...

Go Bears! However, based on Baylor football history, I am only going to savor the victories if and when they come. Baylor football has always choked in the end. There is so much more to Baylor University than football. In fact, when I think back on my Baylor experience, football does not encompass a very large part of my memory. I was even in the marching band and I still don't think much about the football. Dad, I'm so glad you encouraged me to go there, as I am also encouraging my daughter.

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