Saturday, October 18, 2008

With these hard economic times, I’m seriously considering becoming a homeless person. The way I have things figured it wouldn’t be so bad. I made my mind up about this plan after visiting the Temple Public Library today.

For several years I have been using our nice little library in Salado or have bought most of my books. Many years ago I was a frequent customer at the Temple Library but haven’t been back in a very long time. I was most impressed with their facility and the helpfulness of the personal as I was issued a new library card and given assistance on finding a book. The library is well stocked and full of computers and other gadgets for doing research. There is more than ample table room and comfortable chairs for reading. I could research and write my book in that place very easily.

I figure with being homeless I could live in the library most of the time and it would be like being in heaven for me. There are even tons of movies I could watch. At night they have a parking garage that is covered and I could sleep next to the building. The bathroom facilities are clean and excellent. The public restroom is also just down the street in the Visitors Center and no one ever goes in that place. Perhaps I could even arrange to stay there on cold nights.

Across the street is the First Baptist Church and they frequently serve food. I could get a occasional delicious hot meal at the church and stay in the sanctuary most ot the day on Sunday when the library is closed. Several other churches are located nearby and I might be able to drop in for extra meals from these charitable folks. In the winter, if it gets extremely cold I can walk on down to the hospital and stay in one of the waiting rooms, as some folks have been known to do.

Being broke and homeless might not be so bad after all. It might even rival the porch. One nice thing is that I won’t have the deer to contend with. Obama is going to lose a might good taxpayer, but maybe the rich CEOs and Wall Street fat cats can finally save the nation since they caused the problem.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

What an absolutely fabulous idea!! You have outdone yourself this time, Doc. This may save me enough money to actually buy a few Christmas (Winter Holiday) gifts. Since the S&W emergency room is right up the street from our office I will have it made.

Jeannie can come to work with me each morning and we can go directly to the ER waiting room....all we need is a couple of blankets and pillows and an "unkept"look. We can sit there for hours just looking ill and no one will ever notice. People sit there for hours everyday even if they ARE sick! Free coffee and daily newspapers, occasionally free donuts and snacks and lots of magazines which Jeannie loves to read.

On one end of the ER we can watch the news and other TV delights in English and we can even learn a second language by watching the Spanish TV on the other end of the room. The ER is cool in the summer and warm in the winter and a great place to bed down if those pesky helicopters stay away. Who cares if they "redistribute" the wealth, we will have it made and only have to work a couple of days a week........

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