Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We have been on vacation for the past couple of weeks and the blog has been neglected. The trip has provided me with a wealth of material for future bogs and some relief from the distressing political situation and further deterioration of world affairs. I am certain that there will be another drug crazed movie star story which will be worthy of comment and interruption of my travelogue. Anyway, the next few blogs are about the trip.
Last week we spent the entire week in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This was our fifth year to attend the Susuki String camp with our seven grandchildren. The experience is fantastic. If every child in the world could have the experience of playing the violin, viola or cello, I am confident there would be no more wars. It’s much more fun than shooting a gun. The children would also rise to another level of intelligence and cultural enhancement so that none would enter politics as a career. It would be the end of all wars and we could listen to music rather than political rhetoric and gun fire.
From Santa Fe we went to Durango, Colorado and Mesa Verde National Park. The people in Durango are much like those in Santa Fe. They are earth people but all wear hiking boots, have a back pack and carry a bottle of water. They cook and sleep outdoors. When you go to Mesa Verde you marvel at the Pueblo Indians. How did they get there and why did they leave? These are great mysteries. I don’t know how they got there but they are still present in the streets of Durango wearing hiking boots and backpacks. The rest of the people there are tourist who can be identified by the cameras and cell phones they carry.
Glad to be back on the porch in Salado where I can ponder these great mysteries. One thing nice about Mesa Verde and the remoteness of some of the land around the area, you really don’t much care about what is happening in the rest of the world. The land which comprises the Indian Reservations really looks like the moon. Our government was really generous to give them such worthless real estate. This was done by some of our past leaders who didn’t have an appreciation for the violin. The Indians may have out smarted us when you see all the Casinos. It sure beats hunting buffalo.


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