Thursday, June 07, 2007

This one is truly unbelievable. Paris Hilton was released from jail after serving 3 days of her sentence. She was released because of an unspecified medical condition. She probably had a headache or the cramps. She is to wear an ankle bracelet detector for 40 days and stay home. The ankle bracelet is reported to be a monitor and I suspect is diamond studded.
This whole situation proves what I have known all my life. Money can do anything. If I had been arrested for drunk driving and had a parole violation I would have lost my job and been thrown into a rat infested dungeon with swill for food. It would have been a large, dark, damp room filled with violent criminals ready to abuse me.
The whole situation is just not right and is very unfair. No wonder the downtrodden want to riot. I may join them.


Blogger Andy & Rosie said...

I don't know why Paris does not come to the Bell County jail. According to M.Kate "if I had to go to jail the Bell County jail is were I would want to go". I agree, the Bell County jail could be mistaken for one of Paris Hilton's hotels.


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