Monday, October 23, 2006

Jeffrey Skilling was sentenced today to 24 years in prison for his part in the Enron scandal. He swindled 2 billion in employee pension plans and more than 60 billion in Enron stock. He is suppose to have 60 million in assets which will be liquidated and 45 million used for restitution funds for the victims. He still owes his lawyers 30 million. The money for the victims may help put some underwear back on their bare bodies. I only wish I would have gone to law school so I could lose a case like Skilling’s and still get 30 million.
Ken Lay is the lucky one. The interesting thing is that he may not even be dead. This scenario has the potential for a great movie plot. Wish I could write it.
The only problem with the restitution money is that the government will get hold of it first and it will be so watered down that the victims may get the equivalent of a bag of peanuts.
Skilling may go to prison with some of our current Congressman. It would be interesting if he had to share a cell with one of those guys or a priest. We might then hear stories of molestation or abuse of executives rather than children. At least this would be something different in the news. Nancy Grace would have a new topic for discussion


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

I would think that for $30 million in legal fees that Mr. Skilling will simply "check into re-hab" as most high profile corporate thieves, politicians and movie stars do. I am certainly going to investigate the possibility of checking into some type of "re-hab" myself during the months of February through April this year just to see if any of my partners will come to visit me. Of course I would likely end up at The Rose Garden or Martha's Kitchen, or even worse on the coaching staff of Belton or Temple High School...

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