Thursday, August 31, 2006

The latest news about identity theft is that cell phones have your messages indelibly imprinted within them. So, a thief or someone who may now own your old phone has all your previous messages including conversations with girl friends, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, business deals and all sort of juicy information at their disposal to rob you blind or blackmail you into poverty. If George Bush is not listening in then someone is eventually going to be listening to assure you have no privacy.
They are going to have a big surprise when they find the information on my cell phone. It will be blank because I hardly ever use that phone. First of all I can never get into the correct position or the right place of have a conversation which goes smoothly and uninterrupted. Every other sentence is, “can you hear me know.” Those five words are now the most common words in the English language and the first words a baby learns to say.
I was raised at a time when you only called on the phone regarding a death in the family. I just don’t use the phone very much and never give out any secret numbers or personal information. I did call 911 one time when I had a fender bender from a car backing into me. I have occasionally called home to see if my wife wants me to pick up milk or some other item from the store on my way home. I did call one time when I got lost from my wife while we were shopping in Walmart. She told me she was up by the cashiers and that I should either hold her hand or get into the cart to avoid getting lost anymore.
Anyway, if someone steals my phone they are in for a big surprise and a major disappointment.
If Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon or Clinton had their secret conversations tapped or indelibly recorded they would not have lasted a day in office. Maybe this latest intrusion is not so bad after all.


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