Thursday, August 24, 2006

August 22, 2007: John Mark Karr’s long awaited book hit the bookstores today. It’s called Hornswoggle and is about his now famous duping of the public about the JonBenet Ramsy murder case. Karr has made several appearances on the Oprah show as well as Larry King Live, Jay Leno and David Letterman promoting the book and telling his story. Word is now that he has also signed a multimillion dollar movie contract for the big screen version of his remarkable story.
It all started when he confessed to the murder in 2006 and was given a first class airline trip back home to the US from Thailand. He dined on first class food with wine and champagne. When he arrived in the US he didn’t even have to go through customs, they came on board the plane to check him out. He was inconvenienced a few days by staying in a private cell with good food and entertainment until no evidence was found to link him to the crime. He even had a good alibi from his ex child wife who said he wasn’t even in Colorado at the time of the murder. DNA, handprints and other evidence didn’t match with Mr. Karr and he was cleared and he laughed his way out of the courtroom already having signed a multimillion dollar book deal to tell how he had hornswoggled everyone.
The biggest dupe of all is when Karr revealed that everything about the Ramsey case had been a hoax and there wasn’t even a JonBenet Ramsy who had been murdered. She had actually been a big wind up Barbie doll and the parents come up with this whole idea of a child who had been murdered on Christmas to sell a good story to the public to gain fame and fortune, which they did.
The next thing you know is that someone will come up with the idea that the holocaust was a hoax, imagine that.


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The authorities in California ("authority" in California, isn't that like "military intelligence?) and Colorado should let our Congressman John Carter from Round Rock handle all of this mess. His comments in the paper this morning outlining his plan to handle the illegal immigration issue were outstanding. Seems he thinks we should just have them all "register and let us know where they are and what they are doing...where they are working, etc" Seems like a good plan for child molesters, thieves and what-not. And we could stop all of this bickering over whether we need a new jail or not.

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