Friday, June 30, 2006

Saw Superman Returns. It was good but didn't quite measure up to the first Superman. Maybe it's my age but I couldn't hear much of the dialog. There are many inconsistencies in the plot for a die hard fan like me. Granddaughter MK didn't understand how Lois Lane could have a baby without being married. I wasn't about to answer that one. How he mustered the strength to lift that giant bolder with Kryptonite still sticking in him from the wound is beyond me. I'm going to get RFK to explain when he returns. There were many parallels between Superman and Christ, especially when he said the world needs a savior and he can hear and see everything. If he could see and hear everything, it's strange he didn't know where Lois and the kid were until she sent the fax.
Anyway, it's a good flick and worth seeing.


Blogger Michelle Wright said...

We are going today while waiting for Mark to get off at 5:00. Will see you tonight to cuss and discuss the flick. The daughter can't wait for Pirates 2. We will have to see it in Wyoming in order to keep peace.

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