Sunday, April 18, 2010

Religion may soon go the way of the Confederacy. A federal judge in Wisconsin, Barbara Crabb, has ruled that the National Day of Prayer scheduled for each May is unconstitutional. The atheists have triumphed again. Lawsuits by minorities continue to rule the country. They want God eliminated from the Pledge of Allegiance, the Ten Commandments removed from courtrooms and prayer made illegal in schools.

Religion in this country is being attack by the media as well as the legal and political system. This combination is enough to make it fade into oblivion. To make matters worse, Christianity is corrupting itself and contributing to the demise. The sex scandals in the Catholic Church have shaken it to the core and have gone all the way to the Pope. The divisions with the Protestants and adoption of liberal views and practices have diluted the message of the faith and resulted in diminishing numbers of followers.

The other faiths are also in danger of extinction. The Jews are becoming more isolated on the world stage and are threatened with annihilation by the Muslims. The Muslims are busy killing themselves by suicide bombing activities. If the Muslims don’t have anyone else to kill they will fight among themselves to gain quick entry into the hereafter to be with their virgins.

The Buddhists also have their problems. China suppresses this religion and the only thing the monks can do is set themselves on fire. Many of the Hindus continue to starve to death and barely exist in a third world environment.

So, the whole picture for religion looks bleak. I’m not sure what the atheists have to gain since they don’t believe in anything. Life just bluntly ends for those folk with no hope of anything in the way of an afterlife. So, why are they busy initiating suits to make it hard for those of us who do believe? What do they expect to gain by removing any hope for the human race? Maybe it’s just that misery loves company.

Meanwhile on the porch, I’m looking for a hiding place for my Bible. After the recent decision, by Judge Barbara Crabb, regarding the National Prayer Day, I want to keep the Bible in a secure place when the book burning starts.


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