Sunday, April 11, 2010

This week the famous Texas Stadium was demolished. The stadium had been the home of the Dallas Cowboys since it opened on October 23, 1971. It survived for almost 39 years. It had the famous hole in the roof so that God could watch his team play. It was the home of many football greats and one of the greatest coaches of all times. It was built to replace the aging Cotton Bowl Stadium, which still stands. I was thrilled to go there, on a few occasions, when the Temple High School team was once great and made it to state playoff games. I even got to see my son’s name displayed on the big score board when, as drum major, he marched in with the Temple High Band.

Now in our throw away society the great stadium is gone. We use buildings for a while and then just board them up or demolish them and move onto something more fancy. We keep using these super building materials that are made of so-called durable stuff that is outdated a few week after it is used. Everything supposedly keeps getting better, but we still discard it before the warranty expires. Nothing electronic last. Computers, recording media, cell phones and just about everything else is outdated or a piece of junk in a matter of months.

In contrast we have something like the Roman Coliseum that was built in 80 AD. It was almost as big as Texas Stadium and would seat over 50,000 spectators. It was the home of gladiatorial contest and really featured some good stuff like, gladiators killing each other and hunting wild beast that roamed around the arena. Hunts and battles were staged in the arena. They even filled it with water and had a battle of sailing ships. The Colosseum (Roman Coliseum) has stood as a symbol of the grandeur of Rome. It has also been used for housing, as a fortress and as a Christian Shrine. Many Christians were fed to the lions as entertainment for the spectators. The Colosseum (Roman Coliseum) has been picked apart for the past several hundred years but is now a major tourist attraction.

I’m sorry that Texas Stadium had to go. It would have made a fantastic tourist attraction to remind us of the the team that was once great and was in fact “God’s Team.” I don’t think God cares much about that bunch of thug millionaires anymore. It’s too bad that they couldn’t have had the current owner of the Cowboys thrown to the lions as a final event in the stadium. That would have drawn a big crowd. I might have left the porch to see that one.


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