Friday, April 02, 2010

People are usually dug in on the subjects of religion and politics. They believe their view is the correct one and don’t want to be confused with the facts. We have seen this in a big way with the actions of Congress. The Republicans just said no to everything on healthcare reform and the Democrats pushed their agenda through regardless of public opinion and the views of the Republicans. Are these two groups from the same country? It doesn’t sound like it.

Christians, Muslims and Jews come from the same God but you would never know it from hearing them talk or even reading their Holy Scriptures. Each believes their view is the right one and everyone else is dead wrong. The Muslims even believe those with an opposing view need to die.

Atheists don’t believe in anything. They apparently think there was just a collection of gases floating around in space that somehow came together to form the living creatures of today. That’s a Jim and Huck Finn mentality, as described by Mark Twain, when they talked about the stars. They talked about whether the stars were made or just happened. “Jim he allowed they was made.” Huck allowed they happened because it would take too long to make that many. Jim said, “the moon could a laid them.” Huck thought that was sort of reasonable because he had seen a frog lay most as many eggs, so it could be done.

I also agree with Jim. I don’t think the stars just happened but they were made. They were not laid by the moon but by the hand of God. Every time I have heard a newborn baby cry, witnessed the blossoming of spring, or seen a beautiful sunset I have witnessed the handiwork of God. These events didn’t just happen. Living organisms and the universe were carefully constructed.

This weekend we celebrate an event that took place 2000 years ago. That event didn’t just happen it was planned and even predicted. It was made by God for the salvation of man. For years it has sparked much controversy and many do not believe it happened. As I sit on the porch and look up at all those stars, Huck and Jim talked about, I certainly believe as if the event took place yesterday.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

I sometimes feel sorry for the atheists. What a way to go through your life. I know and believe that HE has risen and died for me and mine and I am thanful for that every day.

Unfortunately Easter is a lot like Christmas. Monday morning many of the same people who were at church with their hands raised in the air like they were anointed by God will be running red lights, cursing poor high school check-out kids, playing golf instead of spending time with their children, and.....most of all, they will be at my office screaming at everyone they can about a tax system that none of us invented. Then, of course, they will explore any way known to mankind to cheat.......

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