Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My last blog was about how political correctness has caused any celebration of Confederate History Month or recognition of the Civil War to be considered as racist by the media. The purge of any southern heritage continues at many levels. Ole Miss University is in the process of eliminating their mascot, Colonel Reb. The flag of the university has been changed and the band is no longer allowed to play Dixie. The Confederate Flag cannot be displayed at football games and the rebel yell is forbidden.

At Ole Miss and most universities, multicultural activities are encouraged but native culture is deemphasized. I’m sure that the cowboy will soon be banned at the University of Texas. Even my alma mater, Baylor University, has moved away from its Christian origins to become more liberal and accepted in the academic world. In order to be a top tier school in research it must abandon its Bible College image. Muslims and other religious groups are encouraged to organize and meet at most college campuses. There is a proliferation and emphasis on minority groups at most universities. This is somehow equated with intellectualism and freedom of though an expression so dear to academicians.

Pardon me, but this is the first time I have had to stop writing the blog to barf. We are eliminating the Ten Commandments and references to God in most public places as the minorities continue to triumph. Public schools are banning prayer but prayer will never disappear from school as long as math is taught and final exams are given. More and more books are banned. It’s hard to believe that Huckleberry Finn could be banned because of the N word. That book is all about the terrible practice of slavery and does more to recognize the feelings of the blacks and make them an equal member of the human race than anything I have ever read. One has to be very shallow not to appreciate the meaning of that great book and Huck’s love for Jim. The book wouldn’t have been nearly as effective without the N word.

Anyway, our southern heritage and many other things that are native American are in danger of being “Gone With the Wind.” That was sure an appropriate title for a book and is a great way to describe the state of affairs with our world today.

I keep a copy of “Gone With the Wind” on the porch just to remind me of where we are going. We are in a brave new world of intellects, intoxicated by our freedom of though and acceptance as we await vaporization under a mushroom cloud.


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