Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I have never been much of a believer in conspiracy theories. For example, I have never believed there was a conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy. I’m now beginning to think I was wrong, not about Kennedy, but about other things.

I think there may be a conspiracy to make the Pope resign. I’m not a Catholic or a big supporter of the Pope but recent events make me suspect there is a move to oust him, not by just a few dissenters but by a more sinister plot. The New York Times waited until after the healthcare reform legislation passed to blast the Pope and make it a big news item. The waiting was calculated. This liberal rag sheet controls much of public opinion. The resignation of the Pope would be very damaging to the entire Christian faith. There are also very right wing, fundamentalist Christians who get a lot of publicity and are damaging the image of the entire Christian community. I’m beginning to suspect there is a more sinister force at work to undermine our Christian foundation as a nation. There are efforts to remove the Ten Commandments from public places, eliminate the word God from the Pledge of Allegiance and eliminate prayer in schools. Perhaps it’s just the Devil. The only good thing that has happened recently is the President went to church on Easter Sunday but even this was carefully plotted. He attended a church located near the site of a recent shooting, and this was orchestrated to calm the fears and unrest in a very troubled part of DC.

The Pope has done enough to cause him to be under fire. He has ignored the sexual abuse scandals in the US and Europe. He didn’t alert the civilian authorities or discipline priest involved in sexual abuse when he served as Archbishop in Germany. In 2006 he enraged the Muslim world when he quoted a Byzantine emperor who called Islam, “evil and inhumane.” In 2009 he caused outrage when he denied excommunication of bishops who denied central elements of the Holocaust. He tried to please Catholic conservatives by restating his belief that the Catholic Church is the only true church. Many think his views are narrow and regressive and make it difficult for the church to move forward in the modern world.

All this is far to complex for me on the porch, but I’m suspicious that the Pope is going to be forced to resign and this will make all the atheist, non-believers, Muslims and Jews in the world happy. It will be a step backward for all Christianity and allow whatever sinister force is behind all this to triumph and further weaken America. I’m beginning to sound a lot like Pat Robertson, so I had better get back to just reading Huck Finn and my other Mark Twain books.


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