Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The healthcare reform bill passed. Yea, for Nancy!! Now maybe the President and Congress can do something about the economy and putting folks back to work. We needed healthcare reform but I’m very worried about how my grandkids are going to pay for all the entitlements being granted to Americans as we become a welfare state. All this reform is great if everyone would have a job. Fewer and fewer people are working to support all these entitlement programs.

Anyway, I’m going to take advantage of this new coverage. I’m calling to make a doctors appointment but it will probably take until 2014 before the first appointment time is available. That’s the year when everything kicks in. There are just not enough doctors to cover everyone and many of them don’t accept Medicare and Medicaid patients. The Medicaid number is going to increase significantly so I’m going to have to fight to get an appointment. The doctors and others are also busy filling out fraudulent claims on studies and procedures they didn’t perform in order to supplement their reduced income. They don’t have time to do the legitimate stuff because the pay is so bad.

Closing the donut hole drug coverage for seniors is also going to help. Medicare has been paying the initial $2,700 for drugs then I have to pay the full amount until $4,500 when Medicare again kicks in. This is called the donut hole and it’s great this will be closed. I’m going to ask my doc to prescribe some more medicine. I may even start taking Cialis if I can get the government to pay for the two bathtubs needed when you take this stuff.

I’m also going to try to get my grown children and grandkids back on my policy. The fact that they are over 26 shouldn’t make any difference and if they don’t let my grandkids on then it’s discrimination against seniors and children.

I love this entitlement stuff. I don’t have to work and still get everything I need. Now life on the porch will be great if I can just figure out how to avoid paying taxes and stay out of jail. Since I’m not rich the tax bite may not hurt as much. I will just let my grandkids worry about paying the bill.


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