Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Yesterday’s news reported about the financial problems of the movie superstar Nicholas Cage. Cage makes 20 million a movie with a whole string of movies like “National Treasure” to his credit. He has been a multimillionaire and has several mega-mansions scattered around the world. Cage is now in big financial trouble because his financial advisor has made off with all the money and left Cage in debt and owing 6 million to the IRS. It’s hard for me to feel sorry for a guy like that. Even though he owes all that money to the government he will probably get off without a hitch whereas I would be in jail for owing a hundred bucks.

Maybe I’m just jealous but all these multimillionaires are about to drive me to becoming a socialist. Of course the Wall Street gangsters and the CEOs of banks and big businesses are the worst. Ballplayers are also in the million-dollar club. They are a bunch of millionaires out there getting tackled, hitting a baseball or throwing a ball into a hoop. Perhaps I shouldn’t complain because there are a lot of folks in my profession who don’t see patients making megabucks.

It’s easy to understand why the masses who are doing the work finally revolt. I’m not one to march and carry signs but my revolt is to simply not see anymore Nicholas Cage movies and to stop watching some of the ridiculous ball games that don’t mean anything anyway.

Even the authors of some the books I read are in the multi-millionaire club as well as some of the musicians I enjoy. Folks like Mozart and other classic musicians were people of modest means or even poor. Most of the authors of the classic books were not wealthy and certainly not in the class of a pro ballplayer or a Nicholas Cage. No one has been in the league of the Wall Street gang.

To keep from getting angry with all of these overpaid thugs I guess I will have to restrict my reading on the porch to the scriptures and notes from my friends on facebook.


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