Monday, October 19, 2009

We are definitely out of news. All I have heard for the past few days is about the balloon hoax. This guy in Colorado set a large helium filled weather balloon adrift and claimed his son was inside. He was apparently trying to gain some sort of national recognition to be part of a reality TV show. The little kid was safe at home all the time while the police and national guard in Colorado were chasing the balloon. The kid finally gave the whole thing away when the family was interviewed on CNN and the kid said it was for the show.

For several days we have heard this story and seen the balloon in flight over and over. Maybe it’s good to have something this benign distract us from the horrors of the recession (which is over), unemployment, home foreclosures, bank closings, abysmal consumer purchases, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the development of the bomb by Iran. Even Healthcare Reform has taken a backseat to the balloon story. I’m sure that next we will have a Congressional hearing to investigate this outrageous hoax that was a threat to national security.

As for me, I think the kid should be the one to receive the Nobel Peace Price. He took the minds of the world off all our problems for a few hours and made us focus on the balloon. We were concerned about this one kid while at the same time several died around the world from starvation, accidents and a host of other things like the swine flu. What this kid needs is a good spanking for spilling the beans. Seeing him on TV makes me think he really needs Ritalin but the Nobel Peace Prize should do just fine.

This whole thing has made me look at several ways I can bring national attention to the deer problem in my yard. As we approach the Christmas Season, I’m thinking about constructing a giant helium filled Santa Claus and sleigh and attach some of the deer in front so they will look like they are actually flying through the air. That may get someone’s attention and I can become famous and get rid of the deer at the same time.


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