Saturday, October 03, 2009

A few years ago there were places with signs indicating a safe haven. I believe these were places where kids could go if they felt threatened. I haven’t heard much about these places recently but it sounds like there is a greater need than ever for kids to seek safe shelter. It’s tough being a kid. Everyday there is a story about abductions and kids being abused. They are the main victims of sexual perverts, priest and even parents. This week there was a story about a kid who had been kept prisoner in a closet for four years by his mother.

Mob violence in schools is rampant. Chicago is full of horror stories about school violence and then they wonder why they weren’t chosen for the Olympics. The latest is about the honor student who was beaten to death by a gang. Gangs don’t like honor students or those who are trying to do well and become part of society as a productive individual. There is no safe haven for these good kids. They can’t even trust their parents or the church. The jails aren’t big enough to hold the mobs, gangs, perverts, priest, parents and others in the trade of molesting.

I would invite all the kids who feel threatened to my back yard as a safe haven but it isn’t big enough. I think my backyard is a safe haven because the deer must consider it as such. There have been 30 or 40 deer hovered in my yard for the past week. They have apparently heard that hunting season is about to open so they are seeking a safe haven at my place.

I figure most of the threatened kids would feel pretty safe at my place. The gangs who are after them could see all the books on the porch and the love for learning that goes on there and that would scare them away. Gangs hate books. Books to gangs are like an insecticide to a roach.

Molesting parents could get an ear full from my spouse about how she loves our kids and grandkids and wants everything for them. This should scare the abusive parents away. They don’t want to hear about love. The word love is like a shrill high whistling noise to a dog or other animal. It drives them crazy and is a highly effective repellent.

I will give one of my little sermons to the priest and perverts. These folks will usually believe anything you tell them. Most of them feel that they are Jesus or they have directions from the Almighty to impregnate females of all ages. If I grow a beard and wear a robe and speak to them they will definitely believe I am a prophet who is delivering a message from God. I will describe a place for them that will be full of kids for abuse and where they can practice their distorted view of religion. I can lead them to a boat constructed like the Ark, without life rafts, to set sail for this Promised Land, which is located in the ice fields of the North Atlantic. There it will meet the same fate as the Titanic. Good riddance.

Now, I have solved the problem for all the kids who are in the safe haven of my backyard. The only thing I have to do now is get rid of the deer. That is a much harder problem because they are protected by the City of Salado and the State Parks and Wildlife folks. Hopefully, I can finally think of something.


Blogger B(O)B said...

Great blog today... and finally, I get to see the DEER!

9:30 AM  
Blogger jeff ludwick said...

I have never really understood what Purgatory is but I am thinking that may be what you are dealing with. The deer in your back yard coupled with the endless line of perverts and TV evangelists, not to mention politicians, have put you in your own private cell........

6:15 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Everyone in Salado should have dogs that you don't fence up. That would solve the problem. Dogs are great. They are loyal to humans and don't eat the plants. At least our dog dosen't.

10:12 AM  

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