Saturday, November 14, 2009

All the legal terms being used to describe the Ft. Hood killer are amazing. There were a room full of witnesses watching this guy kill 13 people and wound 30 others and the media and the lawyers have the nerve to call him a suspect. In the days of the old west he would have been taken to the nearest tree and hung for his crime of murder. Now days the authorities are reluctant to call this murder and excuses for his action will be made to protect the civil right of this homicidal monster.

They are now referring to the allegations against the defendant rather than saying this cold-blooded killer. The strongest term that has been used is perpetrator of the shootings. The news also refers to him as the accused.

It will probably take years before this horrific act and the killer are brought to trial. We simply can’t run the risk of violating this guys civil rights. The court will then hear justification for his actions, like he shouldn’t have been retained in the army because he didn’t want to kill the other scum in his homeland. It’s okay that he voluntarily joined the military and thousands of taxpayer dollars were used for his education. We are now about to waste thousands of more taxpayer dollars to try this grease ball.

Where is a Jack Ruby when we need him? In retrospect, Jack Ruby was probably right is killing Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald might still be in prison if Ruby had not acted for us.

Another defense for this piece of trash is that he was acting for his God to rid the world of infidels and that his action was no more than the killing that is done in battle. Allah and the Holy Koran authorized him to go into battle to protect is brethren at home. He will probably have a jury made up of Muslims and Unitarians who will understand his point of view and acquit him. Then the US Government will pay him disability and a pension for the rest of his life because he was paralyzed in the line of duty.
I only hope that this swarthy murderer will meet the same fate that I wish for the deer who occupy my backyard and spoil the view from the porch. This deranged fanatic has certainly spoiled our view of Muslims and their part of the world.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Amazing, isn't it? If a good-old boy Baptist had done something like this in the Mid-East his head would already be rolling down the street for the kids to play kick-ball with and they would have gathered a crowd of thousands just to watch the execution. And now the anointed one tells us not to "jump to conclusions?"

I still can't believe that any MP or police officer at the scene still had ammunition left in their guns if this guy is still alive. At the very least the helicopter flying him to Scott & White should have taken the scenic route over the Grand Canyon before depositing him with Almighty Al for his press circus........

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