Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The news has been rather dull for the past few days. It’s the fortieth anniversary of the Moon landing which is about as exciting to the youth of today as going to WalMart or church. It’s much more exciting for them to go see “Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen” or some other movie featuring their favorite star, Explosion. The new Harry Potter movie is out and it’s pretty good. Harry Potter now needs a shave and Ron is love struck by a potion. We learn about a Horcrux and the dark magic associated with creating them and the evil of dividing your soul as only Voldermort can do. The character Horace Slughorn is introduced and reveals some pertinent information about the evil Lord Voldemort. All this is the most exciting news of the week.

Deaths are out of the news this week after such a recent over dose related to the demise of Michael Jackson. It’s sad to see Dumbledore die in the movie. The only notable folks to die were Walter Cronkite and Frank McCourt. These guys were not nearly as newsworthy as Michael Jackson. Cronkite was the respectable unbiased voice of journalism. His successor, Dan Rather, changed all that and was a very biased jerk. This led to his downfall and discredited much of the network news coverage. Rather should have been on CNN.

Frank MeCourt was a teacher who used beautiful words to describe a horrible childhood in Ireland filled with poverty, starvation and an alcoholic father. The book was depressing but masterfully written. This work of literary art doesn’t compare to “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, so McCourt’s death is reported in the obituary page rather the headlines and a days worth of prime time TV.

Of course, the celebration of the Moon Landing is no big news and is not nearly as important as celebrating the Moon Walk by Michael Jackson. To me the moon landing was a big deal even though we didn’t find anything but a bunch of rocks. I had always hoped that someone lived on the other side of the moon like in the comic strip Dick Tracy.

There is not even any news with the weather. The weatherman’s job in July and August is pretty boring. It’s the same report for two months straight, temperature over 100 degrees and no rain.

Even the war and foreign news is quiet. Is Hillary Clinton still Secretary of State? There is hardly any news about her except that she broke her arm.

Anyway, the recent news could have been covered by the Maytag Man. I’m thinking that this may be a good time to get CBS or CNN to do a news story on the deer menace in Salado. They could get some good coverage from the porch.


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1) I watched the History Channel all day yesterday regarding the "Apollo 11 Moon Landng". It was terrific and I learned a lot about the near catastrophic problems they had that were previously unknow to me. (eg: the LEM's broken ascent engine activator swtich & onboard cpu erors). Those astronauts were true heroes and explorers.
2) Dan Rather... what a creep!

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