Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Most folks want a hero in their life. It’s common for kids to pick a sports figure. In recent times, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriquez and Michael Phelps have been popular heroes. These guys, like so many super stars, are lying jerks and ruin the hero image. It’s just hard to trust a human to be a hero. They will disappoint you most of the time. Sports stars fall in the same category as movie stars, politicians, CEOS, bankers, preachers, Wall Street gangsters, thieves and others in the trade.

I have never put much stock in humans as heroes. Even when I was a kid I never cared that much for sports heroes. I did like Roy Rogers for a while but I was just about as fond of his horse Trigger as Roy himself. I liked all the cowboy movie stars and thought I might like to be a real cowboy and chase rustlers and Indians.

My real heroes throughout life have been those from fiction and fantasy. These will not let you down. Superman was always among my favorites. I have admired many others such as; Captain Marvel, Batman, The Phantom, etc. These guys never lied to Congress, smoked marijuana, or took steroids. I was even in the Captain Marvel Club when I was a kid and knew his secret code, which was the alphabet backwards.

The only good thing about the current A-Rod scandal is that Congress has decided not to pursue the matter with panels wasting a lot of time and taxpayer money questioning this guy. I can’t see that it’s any of their business anyway. Who cares if he took steroids? Kids and the rest of the public need to understand that these athletes are just artificially enhanced and are much like a robot. We might as well have a robot as our hero, but I strongly recommend Superman to avoid disappointment.

Anyway, on the porch I don’t think much about any heroes. Even my fantasy heroes have lost their appeal. The comics look like they have had a dose of steroids. The drawings and the story line just don’t look like they did years ago. Even though these steroid enhanced athletes set all sorts of records they will never surpass the great Babe Ruth. I think all the heroes are now dead.


Blogger Andy Montgomery said...

You know Babe Ruth was an alcoholic. I guess we should find out what he drank and buy a case for A-Rod, Phelps and Clemens. You knows, it might even hlep with Congress and the other heroes you mentioned.

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