Monday, January 19, 2009

It is estimated that the Obama Inauguration is going to cost 150 Million Dollars. This is four times the cost of any other inauguration. The Bush affair cost about 40 Million. It’s a big, historic occasion and worth an extra amount, but 140 Million in these times seems a little much. He may need to ask for a bailout.

What worries me is the more than 3 million people expected for the event. I used to live in the DC area and recently visited. I don’t know where they are all going to stay or eat. When I lived there we had the anti-Viet Nam War demonstrations and that was pretty bad but nothing like this deal. It’s going to be especially bad because of the bitterly cold temperatures that are forecast. I hope it doesn’t snow and he keeps his speech short. I’m always reminded of our 9th President, William Henry Harrison, who gave a speech I &1/2 hours in length in a blizzard. It was the longest inaugural speech on record. Harrison developed pneumonia because of the exposure and died one month later. We sure don’t want that to happen to Obama.

The thing that worries me more than anything else about the Inauguration is that there are only going to be 7000 port-a potties for the more than 3 millions folks attending. That’s roughly 1 potty for every 430,000 people. That’s just not enough. There are going to be a lot of folks dancing jigs. I hope there are not a lot of thinkers in the crowd who usually take forever to defecate. That probably won’t be a problem with this crowd.

I’m sure thankful I won’t be in the cleanup squad after this thing is over. Things are bad now, but at least I’m thankful I’ll be watching the affair on TV unless there is a rerun of Gilligans Island.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

I would not worry too much about the port-a-potties. The only reason many of that crowd would spend much time in them is that they may be nicer than their current residences.

That in itself is reason to relish and celebrate this inauguaration. God knows our economy is in a pickle and this administration is just what we need to get us on the right track. Can you only imagine what the stock market is going to do when the following things start happening:

1. Fatherless African-American children will see their fathers for the first time as hundreds of thousands of fathers that have abandoned their families rush home to be part of the new America.
2. Filthy language and gangsta rap music will be replaced by rythm and blues as the hip-hop crowd embraces "change" and goes back to their roots.
3. Department stores will post record sales as young black men in every corner of our country trash their baggy butt-hugging pants and gang attire for Dockers and oxford cloth shirts.
4. Hospitals will slowly work themselves back into strong bottom lines financially as drug abuse and sexually transmitted diseases spread by pimps and prostitutes become a thing of the past.
5. Violent crime will literally vanish as gun registration takes full effect and police forces can be trimmed by just knowing where all the guns in this country really are and getting the cooperation from criminals that they have always wanted.
6. Americans will begin to save again and prepare for their retirement as the government will pay off their mortgages or forgive those that exist and allow them to have endless funds to put back into our economy.
7. Young African-Americans that once shunnned school and education will flood the classrooms, even those who quit school years ago will return like so many Prodigal Sons. Instead of young blacks jumping out of school to take positiions in gangs or NFL or NBA franchises they will embrace education in hopes of being the next Obama.

This truly may be the dawning of the "Age of Aquarius" that they sang about when I was a teenager......

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