Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Alabama Azalea Trail Maids are scheduled to be in the Inaugural Parade next week. These young ladies dress in antebellum dresses like the ones worn by Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone With the Wind.” This has really drawn criticism from the NAACP who claim this is too much of a reminder of slavery and the girls shouldn’t be in the parade for Barack Obama. They claim that the ladies will be the laughing stock of the parade.

To me it’s another example of having to do what is politically correct. I am scheduled to give a talk on Texas history on Texas Independence Day and am a little reluctant to do so. My great grandfather fought against the Mexicans during the Texas Revolution. As the Hispanics become the majority in Texas they may look back on those who were their enemy and may put me in jail or at least give me a hard time. It’s kind of like those who may have said hello to a communist in the 30’s and by the time Joe McCarthy came around, in the 50’s, these folks were labeled as communist. Hitler did a similar thing in Germany and proceeded to exterminate an entire race.

I give talks on Civil War Medicine with an emphasis on the Confederacy. I last gave the talk to the sons of the Confederacy who have an active chapter in Central Texas. I was a little afraid to appear before the group and be seen with this bunch of rebels who still display the Confederate flag.

It’s getting more and more dangerous to get off the porch for fear of doing or saying something that is politically incorrect. I could even get my grandkids in trouble, so it’s probably best for me just to stay in my safe haven on the porch. I know that even the blog is going to get me in trouble one of these days. I just want to go on record by saying I love all minorities, even Muslims and gays. However, I would love to see those Alabama Maids in the Parade and, hopefully, might get a peek on TV.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

It is funny how things just seem to fall in place sometimes. Like Gus in Lonesome Dove said "I'm sure its all part of God's plan"..
Thanks to the Trail Maids and Dr. John Montgomery, who unbelieveably still thinks he can say the word "Confederacy" in public, the Obama faithful and all sons of the NAACP can now take the entire week off from work next week.

Monday is Martin Luther King day and they have that day off no matter what. Tuesday is inauguration day and the masses are taking off work to gather at public places (like the Bell County Expo Center) to watch the festivities all day on TV. Now they can take off Wednesday to protest the Trail Maids being in the parade and they can take off Thursday to protest you using the word "Confederacy". They will all likely take Friday off to gather their income tax filing information so that they can file early and begin to reap the spoils of "income redistribution."

As for me I will be working next week to try to earn a little money for the next bailout. As a caucasian Protestant of German/American Indian family trees I do not receive bailout money I just contribute to it. There is hope, however. This could be the coldest inauguration day in our history and Mr. Obama might try to pull a William Henry Harrison on us...........

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