Sunday, February 01, 2009

I’m sitting here on a recliner in my climate controlled, enclosed backporch, watching the Recession Bowl on my big screen TV. It’s a perfect 72 degrees and I had a gourmet lunch prepared by my spouse. I’m typing on my Apple ibook connected to the wireless network in my home. Last night we went to a local restaurant for dinner and had to wait an hour for a table. Last evening we also attended a choir concert where my granddaughter performed. The traffic driving to Waco was almost bumper to bumper. Times are tough in this recession.

This years Super Bowl has been labeled the Recession Bowl. The stadium is packed with many seats costing several thousand dollars. I watched some folks interviewed. One guy said the room for his family was costing $7500 dollars a night. He did say they are making some sacrifices to attend and will not go to Disney World this year.

As I watched the halftime show I wondered how much Bruce Springsteen was paid for his performance. I’m sure it wasn’t depression wages and is a far cry from what Woody Guthrie made as he sang his way across the country as a hobo. One good thing about the depression is that I could understand the words in the Woody Guthrie songs compared to the amplified noise and fireworks of Springsteen.

I was born during the great depression and have never grown out of that mindset. If my father were alive today he would think he was in heaven. Times are now tough but pale compared to The Great Depression. Regardless of how bad things may get I’m sure we will always have a Super Bowl. Some things we will not give up including; the Super Bowl, high paid stars, Wall Street gangsters and greedy CEOs.

I was pulling for the Cardinals and hoping for a miracle. I almost got it but the Steelers came back for the win. I am also hoping for a miracle for the recession and I hope I don’t get the same results as the Super Bowl. At least I’m on my comfortable porch and did enjoy a good game. That’s pretty good for someone who really doesn’t care that much for football.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

I was hoping for a Cardinal win also but only because I can't standk Lynn Swann. Of course he hasn't played in thirty years but what difference does that make.

There IS light at the end of the recession tunnel, though. By the time all of the Obama appointees pay their back taxes and/or taxes that they "forgot" Congress should have enough money to fund quite a few more bailouts. Isn't that a comforting word.."bailout"?

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